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Crawl space mold removal

Crawl spaces are shallow areas in between houses and the ground which they sit atop. Acting as a permanent foundation, crawl spaces can vary greatly in size and makeup.

Crawl space floors could be concrete, gravel, or even dirt. The space can range between knee-deep to over four feet in depth, but usually are too small for home owners to stand upright.

As a rule, mold feeds on moisture and grows preferably in a dark and damp places. The fact that you see a small amount of accumulated water will actually lead to the formation of mold on the walls, joists and the underside of the subfloor. Sure, you don’t want mold to spread throughout your home and you want to maintain good indoor air quality.

Cables and home wiring have issues;

Floorboards are buckled or warped;

Multiple plumbing pipes have broken or had other problems;

A musty odor permeates the home, especially when the windows and doors are closed;

Family members suffer from chronic headaches;

Poor indoor air quality causes heightened allergies and asthma symptoms while at home with no other